Kutkai ah SAC ralkap le KIA karlak ah kahdohnak a fak


Officers and soldiers of the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) check a Chinese made anti-aircraft machine gun set on a hilltop. With its 6,000 troops, the KIA is one of the best organized and equipped armed ethnic groups in Burma (Myanmar). In 1994, the KIA signed a cease-fire agreement with the Burmese junta. In April 2009, in the perspective of the November 7, 2010 general elections, the government ordered to the cease-fire ethnic groups to transform themselves into Border Guard Forces. Some groups have accepted but the most powerful such as the KIA, feeling threatened in their existence, have refused.

The Chinland Post | 2023 February 16 — Chaklei Shan ram, Kutkai peng ah SAC ralkap le KIA karlak ah kahdohnak a fak tiah KIA thawngthanhnak in theih a si.

SAC Brigade 99 kuttang phu pawl le SAC kuttang mipi ralkap phu pawl cu February 13 thawk in phu 3 ṭhen in an rak luh caah KIA Brigade 6 kuttang B09 he kahdohnak a fak tiah theih a si.

Kahdoh a fahnak hmunhma pawl hi Kutkai khua nichuah chaklei ah a um mi Muse-Kutkai peng ramri khuate pawl ah an si tiah theih a si.

KIA Colonel Naw Bu nih “Kahdohnak hi ni 3 aa peh cang. Nifatin in an rak kan naih lengmang. Vanlei zong in kahdohnak an tuah. Bom an rak thlak” tiah The Irrawaddy ah a chim.

SAC ralkap pawl cu Kutkai peng ah a um mi KIA hmunhma pawl ah kutnak phu an dirh i thimnak tuah ding bantuk in an rak luh hi a si tiah a chim.

Ni 3 chung kahdohnak ah kaphnih lei in a thi mi le hliam a tuar mi an tam kho tiah a chim fawn.

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