July 25, 2024

Mindat peng ah SAC nih bom voi 8 a thlak


The Chinland Post | 2023 January 23 – Chin ramkulh, Mindat peng chung ah SAC nih voi 8 bom a thlak tiah CDF-Mindat nih January 23 ah a thanh.

Mindat peng chung ah CDF-Mindat nih a tlaihnak hmunhma pawl ah SAC nih sualnak ngei lo mipi, ralzaam pawl le CDF-Mindat sakhaan pawl ah Jet Fighter in bom a thlak hi a si tiah theih a si.

January 7 zaan sml 11:00pm ah voi 2, January 8 zinglei sml 8:00am ah voi 1, January 22 zaan sml 12:00am ah voi 2 le January 23 zinglei sml 11:00am ah voi 3 tiah a zapi te voi 8 bom a thlak tiah an langhter.

Cubantuk bomthlak ruang ah January 22 ah ralzaam 2 le January 23 ah minung 2 bom ci nih a khen hna i an i thlop tiah theih a si.

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