July 25, 2024

SAC phu nih sualnak ngei lo mipi 3,070 an thah cang hna


The Chinland Post | 2023 January 3 – Myanmar ram ah hramhram in uknak lak a si hnu kum 2 leng chung ah SAC ralkap nih sualnak ngei lo mipi 3,071 a thah cang hna i a tlaih/hren mi minung 19,936 tiang an um cang tiah Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP) nih a thanh.

Atu cazin hi 2021 February 1 in 2023 February 28 tiang AAPP nih a khawmhsuat mi a si i khawmhsuat khawh mi lengah a thi mi an tampi rih lai tiah a langhter.

Pau Dothlennak chun, tuni tiang ah minung 16,075 an tlaih/hren cang hna i cu chungah minung 4,683 cu thawngthlak ding in biakhiah an si.

Dothlennak he pehtlai in an tlaih/hren hna i thah ding tiah bia an khiah mi 103 an um i hriawh in thah ding tiah biak an khiah mi 41 telh in minung 120 cu hriawh in thah ding tiah biakhiah an si caah thah ding tiah biakhiah a simi an zapi te 144 an si cang.

Atutiang ah biakamnak he thlah ṭhan a simi 24 an um i an thlah ṭhan cang mi hna 3,837 an si tiah a langhter.

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