Falam ah CDMers an tlaih hna

TCP – 2020 January 26 | Falam khuapi chung ah a ummi Ralkap hramhram uknak tang ah a tuan duhlomi CDMers cheukhat an tlaih hna tiah kan theih.

2022 January 25 zaan ah Falam khuachung ah CDMers 8 tluk ralhrang Kawl ralkap nih an tlaih hna i palik sakhaan ah an chiah hna tiah thawng kan theih. A tlizaam mi le aa thup manhmi CDMers pawl cu hriamtlai mino Chin National Defense Force (CNDF) nih huhimnak an pek hna tiah thawng kan theih.

Hi tlaihkhihnak kong he pehtlai in, Falam khua i fimcawnnak lei rianṭuantu hna lei upa cheukhat hna zong CNDF nih an tlaih ve hna tiah Falam khuami pakhat nih The Chinland Post ah a chim.

“Falam khua i a um lio mi CDMers pawl an tlaih hna ruang ah le Falam ah Ralkap (SAC) nih on mi High School ah siahngakchia cheukhat sianginn kai ṭhannak hna a um caah an tlaih mi hna CDMers pawl le fimcawnnak lei upa hna i thlen ding in CNDF nih an tlaih ve hna nak hi a si men lai tiah” Falam khuami pakhat nih a chimchap. [Hi tlaihkhihnak kong ah Chinland Post nih a dangte in fehternak kan tuah kho rih lo] #

Regime soldiers arrest 8 CDMers in Falam

Regime soldiers arrested at least 8 CDM participants in Chin State’s Falam following the night raid yesterday, according to local, adding that most of the detainees were from education department and they are now in police custody.

Local defense group Chin National Defense Force (CNDF) also arrested some government staff who have not join the CDM in Falam, Local added.#

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