France Nih 4-3 In Argentina An Thlak Hna; France Nih Minute 11 Chung Ah Goal 3 An Sut

City Hunter| 2018 June 30| Tukum World Cup sungh-tlak chuih (round of 16) a puai khatnak ah France le Argentina an chuih i France nih an tei hna caah Argentina cu tukum World Cup in an tla cang. France nih minute 11 chung ah goal 3 an sut hna. France cu quarter final chuih ding in an kai cang.

Minute 13 an chuih ah France lei in Antoine Griezmann nih goal 1 a sut. Dinhcaan laite minute 41 ah Argentina lei in ngel Di Maria nih goal 1 a sut ve. Dinhcaan hnu minute 48 ah Argentina lei in Gabriel Mercado nih goal 1 a sut than. Minute 57 ah France lei in Benjamin Pavard nih goal 1 asut than. France lei in Kylian Mbappe nih minute 64 le minute 68 ah goal 2 a sut than. Argentina lei in Sergio Aguero nih minute 90 hnu ah goal 1 a sut ve. France nih minute 57 in minute 68 kar minute 11 chung ah goal 3 an sut.

France in Kylian Mbappe hi goal 3 a ngei ve cang. Tutan tiangah goal tambik a ngeitu cu England in Harry Kane a si, goal 5 a ngei. A changtu cu Belgium in Lukaku le Portugal in C. Ronaldo hi goal 4 veve an ngei cang.

Tuzan Deilei suimilam 12:30 ah Uruguay le Portugal an chuih lai. Mah a awngmi le France kha quarter final ah an chuih than te lai.

Round of 16 A Chuih Ding Le Aa Zuamcawh Dingmi Phu
1. July 1 delei suimilam 12:30 ah Uruguay le Portugal
2. July 1 zan suimilam 8:30 ah Spain le Russia
3. July 2 delei suimilam 12:30 ah Croatia le Denmark
4. July 2 zan suimilam 8:30 ah Brazil le Mexico
5. July 3 deilei suimilam 12:30 ah Belgium le Japan
6. July 3 zan suimilam 8:30 ah Sweden le Switzerland
7. July 4 deilei suimilam 12:30 ah Colombia le England

Sungh/tlak -round of 16 ah teinak a hmutu phu 8 kha quarter final an chuihte lai. Quarter final ah teinak hmutu phu 4 cu semi final an chuihte lai. Semi final ah teinak hmutu phu 2 kha champion an i cuh te lai.

Tukum World Cup Group Stage chuih in a tlami phu 16 cu; Group A in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Group B in Iran le Morocco, Group C in Australia le Peru, Group D in Nigeria le Iceland, Group E in Serbia le Costa Rica, Group F in Germany le South Korea, Group G in Panama le Tunisia, Group H in Poland le Senegal an si.

Mark khat hmanh hmu lo in group stage in a tlami phu hna cu; Panama le Egypt an si. Mark 1 lawng a hmumi phu cu; Morocco, Australia, Iceland le Costa Rica an si.

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