Graduate Certificate in Democracy Studies Kainak Sok Khawh Asi Cang


The Chinland Post| 2018 June 28| Chinbridge Institute (Center for Research and Social Studies) ah zanlei course democracy studies kainak sok khawh a si cang. Hi course hi University a kai liomi le a dih cangmi caah timhtuahmi course a si. 

Mizei Caah Dah A That?
1. Hmailei ah social science in master kai a duhmi le dothlatnak (research) tuah a duhmi caah a tha.
2. Democracy kong thuk deuh in theih a duhmi caah a tha.
3. Myanmar ramkhel umtuning thuk deuh in theih a duhmi caah a tha.

Cawn Dingmi Konglam Pawl
1. Basic Elements of Democracy
2. Advanced Elements of Democracy
3. Rights and Responsibilities
4. Human Rights and Democracy
5. Democracy and Authoritarianism
6. Democratic Government

Hi hna pin ah optional modules 5 lak khawh a si rih. Cu hna cu:
1. Anti-corruption studies
2. Myanmar Parliaments
3. Current Discourses in Myanmar Politics
4. CSOs, NGOs/INGOs in Chin State
5. Research Method

A donghnak sok ni: July 13, 2018
Course Man : Ks.30,000/month (including textbook and other learning materials)
Class Kai Caan: 6:00-8:00pm (Monday le Friday); 4:00-6:30pm (Saturday)

Pehtlaihnak: Admission Office Contact –09796213362 or Elizabeth – 09782831452

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