Hakha ah Telephone Line A Rawk, Chawnh Khawh A Si Lo

TCP Hakha | 2021 October 21 – Nihin zaanlei sml 7: 00 fai in Hakha Telephone line a rawk, chawnh khawh a si lo. Ooredoo line lawng a ngah tiah kan theih.

Hi kong he pehtlai in, hmundang in Hakha lei Telephone le Internet in pehtlaihnak a tuahmi pakhat nih, Hakha lei Telephone ka chawnh len, a lut kho lo. A ngah lo tiah a chim.

MPT, [Telenor, le Mytel] telephone line a rawh hlan ahhin, Hakha khuachung ah zaanlei sml. 7:15 tluk ah bomb a puak, cu hnu cun phone line a tlau colh ve tiah, Hakha Times nih cun a tial. Atulio ah, Ooreedoo line lawng a ngah tiah kan theih.

Zei ruang ah a rawh le chawnhkhawh a si lo timi kong theihfian a si rih lo. Atu hi thawngpang kan tial lio tiang ahhin, MPT Phone line, Landline siseh, Internet zong in chonh khawh an si lo tiah theih a si.#
Telecommunication Line shut down in Hakha

The mobile and telephone communication including internet service has been down in Hakha, the Capital of Chin State at around 7:15 pm tonight.

We have been trying to reach friends and family via both internet and regular call channel as well as landline connection but it was not working since an hour ago. We cannot call them, it is not ringing or going through the call, said a local from Hakha who is out of the city and connecting his family.

A loud explosion was heard right before the telecom connection was down, according to the local outlet, The Hakha Time, adding that the exact place of the blast is not known. It is, however, reported that Ooredoo service is still working in town.

The MPT, Telenor and Mytel Telephone, Internet connections have not been restored at the time of reporting. #

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