Hakha Thar ah Minung 19 tlaih an tong; Tangka nuai 4 MMKs fai an fir, inn pakhat an kah (English Below)

Hakha Thar ah Minung 19 tlaih an tong; Tangka nuai 4 MMKs fai an fir, inn pakhat an kah (English Below)
Mass of civilians arrested, house shot and civilian properties looted in Hakha
Falam lei in nizan a rak phan mi SAC ralhrang hna nih Hakha Thar ah a ummi khua mi minung 19 nizan (October 20) ah an tlaih hna i cu an tlaih mi cung ah kum saupi zawtnak a tuar cang mi telh in nu 6 le ngakchia kum 4 pa zong aa tel tiah kan theih.
“Ralhrang SAC nih Hakha Thar um Pu Ral Lan innkar le Special Intelligence Bureau (sah-tung-lung) zung karlak ah bomb kan hmuh tiah an ruang an i pekter i Pu Ral Lan telh in a nupi, a far le a fale dihlak minung pariat le inn pa inn (3) in minung pariat an tlaih hna. Cun sah-tung-lung zung a sa lio mi minung pathum zong an tlaih hna. Cu an tlaih mi hna chung ah kum tampi zawtnak ‘thi lay-phet-na’ a tuar mi kum 20 fai nu pakhat aa tel. Ngakachia kum 4 pakhat aa tel pin ah Pu Ral Lan telh in Covid in a zaw mi a chungkhar minung 5 zong an i tel,” tiah Hakha Thar ummi nih TCP sin ah a chim.
An tlaih mi chung ah kum 4 ngakchia pa cu an thlah colh. Pa dihlak cu Rungtlang ah an kai pi hna i nu paohpaoh cu palek leeng ah an hren hna. Covid a zaw mi chung in pahnih cu an zual pah pin ah Oxygen Level zong a tla mi an si tiah kan theih.
Cu pin ah tlaih a tong mi inndawng pakhat chung in tangka sing 40 renglo, suithi le sui tumbul zong an lakpiak hna.
Tuzing (October 21) zong ah Hakha Thar cerhtual pawng ah a ummi inn pakhat cu nizan kan motor hmantlaknak inn a si tiin SAC ralhrang hna nih meithal in an kah i inn tlawmpal te a pem. Minung cu a hliamh hna lo tiah kan theih.
October thla thok in nihin tiang ah Hakha khuachung lawng in tlaih mi minung 50 renglo an si cang i tam deuh cu an thlah than hna tiah CHRO sin in kan theih.
A group of 19 civilians, including five women, four years old boy and a sick girl took place following the arrival of a convoy of SAC soldiers in Hakha on 20 October 2021 last night, according to Chin Human Rights Organization (CHRO).
It is reported that all male arrestees are taken to army base at Mt Rung where torture is commonplace. Soldiers allegedly said to found bombs in location between Pu Ral Lan and Special Intelligence Bureau office situated in Hakha Thar.
Source informed that the child was released later and other five men (arrestees) are tested with Covid-10 positive. Two of them are reportedly in serious condition with dropping oxygen level.
The SAC soldiers also looted properties from one of the victims’ house; at least 4 million kyats, gold chain and gold necklet.
CHRO also twitted that civilian home on outskirts of Hakha town was attacked with auto gunfire this morning on suspicion pictures of large army convoy that entered Hakha yesterday were taken from the location. The occupants were unharmed.
Source: CHRO (Hakha Thar cerhtual – hmantlak)

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