Manipur terrorists (Kathe) Help Myanmar Army in Thantlang Town

Starting in September 2021, Thantlang town, a town of Chin State bordering with India have encountered at least 28 incidents of arson including the latest one which occurred on May 24 & 26 during which another 135 houses inside the town were burnt down by personnel of the Myanmar Military Council.

With the latest episode of arson in the town, at least 1500 houses of the estimated total of 2000-odd houses in the town have been burnt down.

The arson incidents in Thantlang town have forced the locals to take flight into the nearby jungles and neighbouring Mizoram State of India for safety.

There are also confirmed reports that the latest cases of arson in the town involve the participation of at least 30 Manipuri (Kathe) underground cadres purportedly (Coordination Committee-PLA, UNLF, PREPAK, PREPAK-Pro, all Manipuri terrorists) affiliated to CORCOM. However, the specific CORCOM group whose cadres are involved in the arson incident at Thantlang is yet to be ascertained.

In addition, Manipuri terrorists are also cultivating opium and threatening local villagers of Chin State. They are a threat to our society.

There have been reports of Manipuri terrorists helping MA in various parts of Sagaing Region including Tamu and AungZayar.

Therefore, all the civilian resistance groups including People Defense Forces (PDFs) in Sagaing Region and Chin State must unite in eliminating (Manipuri) Kathe terrorists from the soil of Myanmar.

Note: This letter to editor has been sent to The Chinland Post. (Editor sin cakuat tiah an kan kuatmi a si. Thantlang khanghnak kong ah Manipur i a ummi hriamtlai pawl an i tel tiah tialmi ca a si) ~Editor. 

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