Min Aung Hlaing Ralhrang nih Taal khua inn an khangh chap

TCP Hakha – 2021 October 25 — Hakha in Falam lei a kalmi Ralhrang nih nihin zing sml 8:00 tluk ah Taal khua i inn cheukhat an khaangh chap caah a tlawm bik inn 10 a kaang cang tiah thawng kan theih.
A luancia October 18 zong ah Taal ah inn an rak khangh i inn 4 cu ciam dihlak in a kaang.

CHRO nih a thanh ding ah nihin tiang ah Chin ramkulh ah ralkap nih inn le biakinn an hrawh mi hi 100 renglo a si cang i ciamh dihlak in an khangh mi hi 65 fai a si cang.

July thla lio zong ah Taal Biakinn ah umhmun an rak khuar i biakinn an hrawh pin ah Bible le Khrihfa hlabu zong an rak thleh, hlonh.#
Houses burned down in Falam Township

The junta soldiers patrolling in Chin State torched at least 10 houses in Taal village, Falam Township at around 8:00 am this morning.

On 18 October 2021, the junta soldiers had burnt down four houses in Taal village following the armed conflict with Chin local joint forces, resulting in the destruction of 16 military trucks and more than 20 soldiers’ death.

According to Chin Human Rights Organization (CHRO), more than 100 houses including religious infrastructures have been reportedly destroyed and more than 60 houses including two religious Church are in a complete flame and burned down.

In the earlier month of July, the junta soldiers temporarily stationed in Taal village and destroyed Taal Baptist Church, throwing and burning Christian hymn books and the Holy Bible.#

Photo: Houses burnt down my military junta at Taal Village on 18 October 2021

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