July 24, 2024

Mindat Um SAC LIB 274 Ralkap Chungkhar Pawl An Ṭhial Hna


The Chinland Post | 2024 July 1 — Chin ramkulh, Mindat khua hrambunh SAC LIB 274 in ralkap chungkhar pawl cu SAC nih van lei in an ṭhial hna tiah Mindat khuami chim mi cherhchan in People’s Spring nih a langhter.

SAC nih Mindat khua ah Helicopter in voi 7 thazang a chap, ralkap chungkhar pawl cu Mindat-Kyaukhtu in hmundang ah a ṭhial hna hi a si tiah a ṭial.

June 30 zinglei ah Kyaukhtu vanlawng tual in Y8 thilphor vanlawng a ṭum i LIB 274 chung um ralkap chungkhar pawl, Kyaukhtu um ralkap chungkhar pawl cu Pakokku ah ṭhial ding in a phorh hna tiah theih a si.

June 29 ah Mindat ah SAC thilphor Helicopter cu voi 7 a ṭum i ralkap 150 hrawng le kuanzen pawl a bawmh hna tiah theih a si.

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