“Myanmar Democracy a ngahnakding caah a dongh tiang kan doh lai” Mitch McConnell

MYANMAR OUT US Senator Mitch McConnell (L), the top Republican in the US Senate and a longtime force behind sanctions on Myanmar, addresses reporters following a meeting with Myanmar democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi (R) at her residence in Yangon on January 16, 2012. The long-isolated country is now welcoming not just advocates of engagement but also critics like McConnell whom it will need to win over for any lifting of sanctions. AFP PHOTO (Photo credit should read AFP/AFP/Getty Images)

The Chinland Post | 2022 April 8 – Kawlram Democracy suttung a phak tiang kan doh peng rih ko lai” tiah American Hluttaw Republican Party hruaitu Mitch McConnell nih a chim.

Ambassador to Myanmar Thomas Vajda le Mitch McConnell hna nih April 6 ah tonnak an ngeih dih hnu cathanh an chuahmi ah an telh chih.

Hramhram in uknak a latu SAC hi a mah a dohtu mipi kha faak deuh in a hrem chin hna tiah an chim. Kan hawile an simi Daw Aung San Suu Gyi le Australia chawleh lei ruahnak a cheutu Mr. Shaw Turnell hna telh in ramkhel lei thongthla pawl hna zong an thlah rih hna lo tiah Mitch McConnell nih a chim.

2021 December thla ah fehter a simi National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) ah National Unity Government (NUG) le National Unity Consultative (NUCC) thapekding an telh chih caah lunglawm ngai a si tiah a chim.

American le a pawngkam ram hna nih zeitindah Myanmar ram bawmhnak kan pek khawh lai timi kong Thomas Vajda le Mitch McConnell biaruahnak an rak ngei.

Ref: RFA

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