Ralkap Nih Union Minister Thar Minung 11 An Thim Ṭhan Hna

Salai David| 2021 February 1| Kawlram ramkomh hruaitu ding Union Minister Zung 11 caah Union Minister thar minung 11 hna cu nawlngeihnak lak zaan 2021 February 1 8:40pm ah Ralkap nih a thimmi hna cazin a langhter cang.

A Thimi hna

  1. Ramdang vuanci – U Wanna Maung Lwin
  2. Ministry of Home Affairs – Deputy general Mya Htun Oo
  3. Ministry of Borders & Security – Deputy General Htun Htun Naung
  4. Ministry of Planning and Finance – U Win Shing
  5. Ministry of Investment and Foreign Commerce – U Aung Naing Oo,
  6. Ministry of Information – U Chit Naing
  7. Ministry of Religious and Culture – U Ko Ko
  8. Ministry of Workers and Immigration – U Myint Kyaing
  9. Ngandamnak zung Union Minister – Dr. Thet Khaing Win hna an si.

Ref: MWD, Mizzima

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