Matupi peng ah kahdohnak aa peh i meithal zuun 2 an lak khawh


The Chinland Post | 2023 February 10 — Chin ramkulh, Matupi peng, Zotung hmunhma ah kahdohnak aa chuak rih i SAC ralkap lei in tampi an thi, meithal zuun 2 zong an lak khawh tiah CDF-Zotung nih a thanh.

February 8 chun sml 12:00-2:00pm tiang kahdohnak voi tampi a chuak i SAC ralkap lei in a thi mi an tam, Auto zuun 2 an lak khawh tiah an thanh.

SAC ralkap pawl nih Matupi peng, Rezua khua in meng 20 aa hlatnak khua pakhat ah hmunhma an khuar caah Zotung hmunhma ah kahdohnak a fak kho rih mi a si tiah an thanh.

Mipi hna zong nih Matupi-Rezua lam hman rih lo ding tiah an thanh.

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