Kutkai Peng, Nam Hpat Kar Um Ralkap Sakhaan Vialte KIA Nih A Lak Dih


Officers and soldiers of the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) check a Chinese made anti-aircraft machine gun set on a hilltop. With its 6,000 troops, the KIA is one of the best organized and equipped armed ethnic groups in Burma (Myanmar). In 1994, the KIA signed a cease-fire agreement with the Burmese junta. In April 2009, in the perspective of the November 7, 2010 general elections, the government ordered to the cease-fire ethnic groups to transform themselves into Border Guard Forces. Some groups have accepted but the most powerful such as the KIA, feeling threatened in their existence, have refused.

The Chinland Post | 2024 January 25 — Shan ram chaklei, Kutkai peng, Nam Hpat Kar um ralkap sakhaan zapi cu KIA nih a lak dih cang tiah KIA lei thawng petu nih Khit Thit ah a chim.

January 24 zaanlei sml 3:30pm ah Nsm Hpat Kar um ralkap sakhaan vialte an lak dih hi a si.

“Nam Hpat Kar cu Sold Out a si cang. Zaanlei sml 3:30pm ah ralkap sakhaan vialte an lak dih” tiah KIA lei kahdohnak thawng petu nih Khit Thit ah a chim.

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