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The Chinland Post Kong

The Chinland Post cu Fidi Group nih ngeihmi Thawngthanh lei riantuannak bu pakhat a si. Fidi Phu (atu Fidi Foundation) cu Kum 2007 ah ramchung ramleng mino pawl ipehtlainak, ruahnak i cheuhnak le thawngpang i thanh caah dirhmi a rak si. Ramchung le ramleng mino, a bikin ca le holh lei a zuammi hna lungtlinnak he 2009 October ah ‘Fidi Biazai’ timi Cauk rak chuah a si. Hi biazai cauk hi Laitlai tuanbia ah thangthar mino biazai an tialnak kutzung tamcem zong a si.

2010 Ramkomh Kawlram ramkhel sining zauk phung lei hoih in a hun thlen ve tikah Chin mino hna nih kan ramkhel kong, zauk phung sining le ningcang te kar a hlan khawh nakding le Tlangcungmi hna nunnak sining hi Caholh riantuannak in bawmchan usih timi ruahnak he The Chinland Post cu March, 2010 ah dirh a hun si. March, 2010 in August, 2010 tiang thlatin (Monthly) in The Chinland Post tawlrel in cachuahnak ngeih a rak si.
The Chinland Post riantuantu chung in ramdang sianginn kai cio ruang le a bik in, Tangka chawva lei in chambaunak kan ngeih ruangah The Chinland Post pehzulh in chuah khawh a si ti lo i, rak dinhter chung a si. Ramchung ah, The Chinland Post Thawngpang kan chuah khawh tilo nain May 2011 ah FIDI BIAZAI Facebook Group siseh, July, 2011 ah The Chinland Post ( in riantuan hram kan thawk. Nihin ni ahcun Chin mino cawlcanghnak ah hmaisuang riantuantu pakhat ah hun dir a si.

Riantuannak zohthannak le The Chinland Post riantuantu ramchung kan hun luh than cio cang tikah January 11, 2013 in The Chinland Post zarhfatin chuah hram kan hun thawk khawh than. Nihin nitiang Chin mizapi thapeknak in caantling in pehzulh a si. The Chinland Post nih miphun le ram caah thawngthanh lei in rian a tuannak ah a bawmchantu le ningcanglo in kan kalnak hngalo ding caah ihruainak phunglam le phunghram zong thate in kan ser. The Chinland Post riantuantu zapi zulhphung le Media Zulhphung tiah tlaitleng pahnih he siseh, tangka kongkau zohfelnak caah Financial Phung tiah kar kan hlan cuahmah lio a si.

The Chinland Post riantuannak a thancho khawhnak le Miphun huap in a thawng i a fekmi thawngthanhbu ser khawhnak ahcun cu The Chinland Post riantuantu hna nitin bu cawlcanghnak cungah pumpak pakhat cio nih zeitluk in dah caan an pek i ningcang tein bu chungah an i pumpek, cun rian an tuan timi cungah aa hngat ngai a si. Cu bu riantuannak chungah riantuantu pakhat le pakhat, bu khat le bukhat, The Chinland Post le mizapi he pehtlai in riantuan khawhnak caah a fekfuanmi biahren kan ngei. Ningcang tein dun le dan he rian kan tuan lawngah The Chinland Post ca lawng silo in Chin miphun pi caah thanchonak le manngeimi kan si khawh lai timi ruahchannak he The Chinland Post cu Phunghram le zulhphung he tha tein a dirmi phu a si.

Nihin The Chinland Post riantuannak hi phun hnih in then khawh a si: Nifatin chuahmi, The Chinland Post Daily News le thlahnih dan voikhat chuahmi Chin Digest (Sister publication of Chinland Post) an si. The Chinland Post hi Weekly (Zarhtin) in chuahmi a rak si nain, kokek rawhralnak nih lamsul vialte a hrawh dih caah pehtlaihnak tha lo in, caan saupi um a si hnu in, Hakha hrambunh in, 2016 January thawk in, Nitin (Daily) in kan chuahnak hi a si.

Atulio ah The Chinland Post Riantuantu hna cu;

Salai Holy Tawk Tling Thang

Salai Ngun San Aung

Web & Online Editor
Salai Za Bawi Thawng

Senior Reporter
Salai Elvis (Thantlang)

Salai Khin Maung Thein (Kalay)
Salai Van Bawi Mang (Hakha)
Salai Za Thawng (Freelance, Hakha)
Salai Richarge (Freelance, Kalay)
Salai Biak Za Cung (Internship, Hakha)
Salai Ngun Thawng Lian (Publishing Manager_ part time)
Salai Van Bawi Hniang (Kalay Coordinator)
Mai Ni Par Sui (Office Assistant)

Finance & Accountant
Gracy Siang Hlei Dim

Chin Digest
Salai June Nilian Sang (Executive Editor)
Salai SH Lian (Managing Editor)
Salai Kep Chin Thang (Associate Editor)
Editors: Salai Mang Hre Lian, Salai Holy Tawk Tling Thang, Salai Uk Nun Bawi, Salai Ngun San Aung
Salai Uk Nun Bawi (Treasurer)
Hretung (Layout Design)
Salai Serenade (Cover Design)

Marketing Manager
Fidi Team

Salai Bawi Uk Thang (Executive Producer)
Salai Van Bawi Mang (Broadcasting Manager)
Editors: Salai Elvis, Sang Hnin Lian, Salai Ceu Lian Thang, Salai Holy Tawk Tling Thang, Salai Ngun San Aung, June Nilian Sang
Mai Gracy Siang Hlei Dim (Presenter)
Mai Helen (Presenter)


About FIDI
Founded in 2007 by some Chin youth journalists in Rangoon, Fidi Group aims to promote and protect our Chin literature, culture and rights to information among Chins, to aware political, social, economic and environmental issues and conduct trainings on capacity awareness building. Since then, the group had been collecting Chin youths’ Emails who are interested in promoting Chin dialects and culture within inside and outside the country and created ‘Google Group’ as a platform which means to share information on scholarship opportunities, job opportunities and discuss any Chin related issues via social network.

After three years of founding, the Group published poetry book in November 2009 entitled “Fidi Biazai” written by 43 writers living inside and outside the country depend on participated common interest through individual participated fund from our Google Group. With finance received from selling the books, the Group published monthly news journal called the Chinland Post and this publication was stopped in its fourth issues when the authority found that it was illegal publishing.

Even though The Chinland Post news journal stopped its publication, the group had presenting information and awareness issues via its website ( After the new democratic government appeared, the publishing has started again under Fidi Group as Media Project in January, 2013 with six full staff and eight volunteers. The weekly Chinland Post is now held its permission of publication with Reg. 05009 granted by Ministry of Information, Myanmar.

Fid Group has currently two department; Media Department which run the Chinland Post and Youth Capacity Center which focus on capacity building and research in Chin State.

Its Vision and Mission

– To promote the participation of Youth and Woman in State Building through strengthening their capacity in understanding of mass media, human rights, politics, development and other sectors.
– To be a leading Chin Independent Media Organization and create strong media institution in Chin dialect for the Chins.

Mission Statement
– To conduct training on Journalism, Democracy, Human Rights, Indigenous Rights, Research Methodology for youth, women and other interest people in contribution on freedom of expression as a mean of restoring democratic society and promoting human rights in Chin State..
– To conduct career counseling among youth, primary survey about Chin affairs and publish the fact finding in the means of giving social awareness in politics, development and other related issues.
– To provide important and reliable news, investigative stories and articles with high quality based on balance, fairness, accurateness, and timing to our readers.
– Through writing such important information, Fidi Group and The Chinland Post strongly believe that transparency, accountabilities among stakeholders and government progress and rule of law in Chin State promote.

The current board of the management team are as follow;

Executive Director
Salai Mang Hre Lian

Program/Managing Director
Salai Sang Hnin Lian

Operation & Finance Director
Salai Bawi Uk Thang

Media Dept. Director
Salai Holy Tawk Tling Thang

Member & Executive Editor of Chin Digest
Salai June Nilian Sang

Member & Accountant of Chinland Post
Gracy Siang Hlei Dim

Advisory Board
Van Biak Thang
Za Uk Ling
Jacob Thang
Sayamah Ram Nawn
Sayamah Siang Zi
Pastor Lian Chawn
Tial Awi Thang

Legal Consultant
Pu Chan Pum

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