June 21, 2024

Hakha Ah Helicopter A Phak Hnu In Puahkeh Thawng A Thang


The Chinland Post | 2023 March 30 — Chin ramkulh, Hakha Khua ah SAC Helicopter 2 a rak phan tiah thawng theih a si.

Cu Helicopter 2 cu Lungkhar lei an panh hnu ah Timit lei in puahkeh thawng voithum pehzulh in a thang.

“Helicopter nih bom thla sehlaw a dawh, an rak phak tlawmpal ah Timit lei in puahkeh thawng a thang colh, atu zong Helicopter le vanlawng aw a hel cuahmah ko” tiah Hakha khuami pakhat nih The Chinland Post ah a chim.

Atu a rak phan mi Helicopter hi Kalay in Laitlang lei ah a rak zuang mi mi Mi 17 le Mi 35 kahdohnak Helicopter hna an si tiah zumhtlak mi thawngpetu pakhat nih a Facebook cahmai ah a langhter.

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