Ramdang mi telh in thongtla 6,000 deng an luat


epa09531673 Staff members of Myanmar correctional department open barricades before the release of detainees at the main entrance of the Insein prison in Yangon, Myanmar, 19 October 2021. Myanmar's junta chief Min Aung Haling announced the release of over 5,000 people who participated in anti-coup protests. According to the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPPB), more than 7,300 people, who demonstrated against the February 2021 coup, are currently behind bars across the country. EPA-EFE/ST

The Chinland Post | 2022 November 17 – Tuni (National Day) ah thongtla 6,000 deng an luat tiah SAC nih a thanh.

Cu chung ah ramdang mi 4, Article 505 in sualphawtnak hnawh piak mi lemcang 11, biakamnak he thlah mi 2 an i tel tiah a thanh.

SAC cu a hlan hramhram uktu pawl bantuk in ni sunglawi caan hna ah ramdang hneknak a um lio ah ramkhel buainak ruang ah a tlaih mi pawl hna kha a thlah ṭhan hna.

Asinain Min Aung Hliang hruai mi SAC nih ramkhel buainak ruang ah a tlaih mi U Kyaw Min Yu, U Phyo Zeya Thaw le adang mipi 2 kha a thah hna caah a hlan hramhram uktu pawl nak in a hrang deuh mi a si kha a langhter.

Mipi nih kan thim mi cozah thlak in hramhram in uknak a lak caan hi kum 2 a rau deng cang i duhlonak a langhter mi pawl hmanh kha meithal in a kaptu SAC cu ram tampi nih an doh.

SAC nih vanlei in kahdohnak a tuah ruang ah hngakchia tampi zong an nunnak a liam.

AAPP nih November 16 ah a thanh mi cazin ning ah SAC nih a tlaih mi 13,000 leng an um i a thah mi 2,500 deng an um cang.

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