May 21, 2024

SAC Ralkap Mawṭaw 30 Leng Kalaymyo in Laitlang Lei Ah An Kai


The Chinland Post | 2023 March 9 — Kalaymyo in mawṭaw 30 leng Laitlang lei ah riahcaw phor in an kai tiah thawng theih a si.

March 9 zinglei sml 6:30am hrawng ah Kalaymyo in mawṭaw 30 leng cu Chin ramkulh, Tedim lei panh in an kal i thazang 70 leng an si lai tiah theih a si.

“Ke 12 a ngei mi mawṭaw le mawṭaw sawhsawh pawl in an kal. Ralkap mawṭaw pawl in a si lo. Ralkap le riahcaw tampi an phorh. Ralkap thazang hi 70-100 kar an si lai. Chin ramkulh, Tedim lei an panh” tiah Kalay khuami nih Khit Thit ah a chim.

Kalaymyo mipi cheukhat nih Tank 2, mipi mawṭaw an chuh mi ke 12 ngei mawṭaw 28 in Chin ramkulh lei ah an kal tiah an chim ve.

Hmanthlak : 2018 lio Sin Pyu Sin Operation a rak langhter mi SAC ralkap Tank le mawṭaw (Hmanthlak Hlun)

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