Tangka sing za leng a ummi K-pay le Wave Money Account pawl tampi an phih piak hna


The Chinland Post | 2022 September 22 – SAC nih K-pay le Wave Money Account tampi cu September 19 thok in an phih i Central Bank nih a chim ning tein an tuah ko nain sing za leng a umi Account pawl zong an phih tiah theih a si.

Mobile in tangka kuatnak Account pawl Level 2 nan phak lo ahcun kan hrawh lai, mi dik lo hna nih lih le hrawkhrawl in mobile tangka kuatnak le mi hlennak ah an hman caah mipi pawl himnak ca ruat in tling tein mah sinning a phimi lawng nih nan hman khawh lai tiah Central Bank nih September 16 ah a rak thanh.

Central Bank nih atu bantuk in a thanh hnu September 17 thok in pehzulh in K-pay le Wave Money Account pawl an phih thluahmah tiah theih a si.

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