May 28, 2024

Taungoo Thlanglei SAC Headquarters Telh In Ralkap Sakhaan 5 hmakhat Te Ah An Kah, S.B.C Telh In 6 An Thi


The Chinland Post | 2023 March 28 — Bago ramṭhen, Taungoo ah a um mi SAC Southen Command le Karen ram, Than Daung Gyi ah a um mi SAC ralkap Kyauklonegyi sakhaan, Ṭhonebu sakhaan, Thanmoedaung sakhaan le Bahung sakhaan 4 hna cu KNLA B02 le B05, ALPHA ONE Drone phu le PDF phu pawl nih March 27 zinglei sml 7:00am ah hmakhat te ah an kah hna tiah theih a si.

“SAC ralkap lei in Second Battalion Commander Sniper nih a khen i a thi, adang a thi mi zong an tam kho” tiah ALPHA ONE Drone phu sin in thawng theih a si.

Cun Bago ramṭhen, Taubgoo ah a um mi SAC Headquarters telh in ralkap sakhaan 4 cu KNLA Brigade 2 phufonh nih an kah hna tiah KNLA sin in thawng theih a si fawn.

Taungoo ah a um mi SAC Southern Command cu hriamngan lung 4 in an kah hna i lung 3 a puak tiah theih a si.

Cu leng ah, SAC ralkap sakhaan a si mi Kyauklonegyi sakhaan, Ṭhonebugyi sakhaan, Thanmoe sakhaan le Bahung sakhaan hna zong hriamngan/hme in an kah hna tiah theih a si.

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