Thantlang ah ralhrang nih mei an duah than

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Thantlang ah ralhrang nih mei an duah than
Junta troops torched houses in Thantlang

Nihin (6 November) zinglei sml 6:30 am tluk in Thantlang um ralhrang hna nih TACB ngaktah zohkhenhnak sianginn Penial Children Home (PCH) an khangh i a pawng ummi inn thum fai cu kangh chih dawh a si tiah Thantlang pawng a ummi nih The Chinland Post ah an chim.

Zing sml. 6:30-8:30 am karlak ah, a tlawm 4 inn a kang manh cang. Atu cu mei a thi cang, nain a dihlak inn zeizahdah a kangh timi bel mi theih khawh a si rih lo tiah minlanghter awk tha lo pakhat nih a chim.

Drone in thlakmi zuk kan zoh dih hnu ah, inn zeizahdah a kai timi a fiang te lai tiah, mino pakhat nih Chinland Post ah a chimchap.
Junta troops torched houses in Thantlang

The junta troops torched houses again in Thantlang Town [for the third time] at around 6:30 am today (November 6) and at least four houses had been burned down.

The junta soldiers burned Penial Children Home (PCH), an orphanage home and school run by the Thantlang Association of Baptist Churches (TABC), according to residents who witness the incident from a distance, adding that the fire was spreading and resulted in another three houses in a complete flame.

The fire has been stopped now but we are not sure how many houses burned down, said a member of resistance group CDF, adding that we will be counting images from drones. #

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