June 17, 2024

Vanlei Ral Doh Ṭhannak ah USD $ Sing 8 Kan Hman Tiah NUG Nih A Thanh


The Chinland Post | 2023 March 31 — NUG MOG nih vawlei cung Fundraiser sin in Project DragonFly caah USD $ 2.2 million a hmuh i cu chung ah vanlei ral kahdoh ṭhannak caah USD $ Sing 8 a hman lio tiah theihternak a tuah.

Hmuhmi Fund chung in vanlei ral khamnak caah USD $ 1.4 million a hman lio tiah a thanh fawn.

NUG nih vawlei cung Fundraiser pawl he fonh in hmuh mi tangka pawl kha dingrep ngei tein le ṭha tein kan tawlrel ko tiah an thanh.

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