May 28, 2024

Hakha Khua, Leisen Sang Ah Mino Pakhat An Tlaih


The Chinland Post | 2024 February 19 — Chin ramkulh, Hakha khua, Leisen sang ah mino pakhat SAC ralkap nih an tlaih tiah thawng kan theih.

February 19 (nihin) ah Chin ramkulh, Leisen sang ah SAC ralkap nih mino 1 an tlaih hi a si.

“Tuni zaanlei sml 4:15pm hrawng ah Leisen sang ah SAC ralkap nih mino pakhat an tlaih. A ho a si cu a fiang in kan thei lo. Aa chawk sawh mi a si” tiah Hakha khuami pakhat nih The Chinland Post ah a chim.

Atu bantuk in a luancia February 12 zaanlei zong ah SAC ralkap nih Hakha khua, Calvary sang ah mino 2 an rak tlaih hna.

February 15 zinglei zong ah Hakha khua, Khuathar sang ah zong ah an rak tlaih mi hna an um tiah thawngpang kan theih.

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