May 20, 2024

Masatui Khua Pawng Kahdohnak Ah SAC Ralkap 5 Nak Tlawm Lo An Thi


The Chinland Post | 2023 July 18 — Chin ramkulh, Kanpetlet peng le Magway ramṭhen, Saw peng karlak ah CDF phufonh le SAC ralkap karlak ah kahdohnak a chuak i SAC ralkap 5 nak tlawm lo an thi, hliam a tuar mi zong an tam tiah CDF-Kanpetlet, Khonu Battalion sin in thawng theih a si.

July 18 zinglei sml 7:00am-8:00am tiang Kanpetlet peng, Masatui khua le Saw peng, Swelaycin khua karlak ah thazang 300 hrawng SAC ralkap le CDF phufonh hna karlak ah kahdohnak a chuah hi a si.

Kahdohnak chung ah a sung deuh mi SAC ralkap pawl nih zinglei sml 11:00am hrawng ah kahdohnak vanlawng 2 in voikhat, vanlawng 1 in voikhat, a hnubik ah kahdohnak vanlawng 2 in voikhat tiah voi 3 tiang bom a rak thlak tiah theih a si.

Vanlawng in bomthlaknak ruang ah BCM biakinn telh in mipi inn cheukhat a rawk, minung aa hliam mi cu an um lo tiah Khonu Battalion rianngeitu nih Khonumthung Burmese ah a chim.

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