May 24, 2024

Naypyitaw, Pyinmana Ah SAC Ralkap Sakhaan 1 An Luh Hnawh Hna


The Chinland Post | 2023 August 14 — Naypyitaw Council hmunhma, Pyinmana peng ah a um mi Boma-Thandaung sakhaan cu PDF phufonh nih an luh hnawh hna i an kah hna tiah Naypyitaw hmunhma kahdohnak he pehtlai in rianngeitu nih People’s Spring ah a chim.

SAC Boma-Thandaung sakhaan cu PDF phufonh nih August 10 zinglei ah an luh hnawh hna hi a si i sakhaan an luh hnawh hna hnu zong ah kahdohnak a fak rih tiah a chim.

Boma-Thandaung sakhaan luh hnawh nak ah SAC lei a thi mi an tam i hriam cheukhat zong an lak khawh ko nain SAC lei a thi mi cazin a fiang in theih a si rih lo.

Cu sakhaan kahdohnak a dih hnu August 11 zong ah bawmh ding in a ra mi SAC ralkap pawl le PDF phufonh hna karlak ah kahdohnak a chuak ṭhan i SAC nih vanlei kahdohnak a bawmh hna caah mipi inn cheukhat a rawk i khuami tampi zong himnak hmun ah an zaam tiah People’s Spring nih a langhter.

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