Paletwa peng Dalan pakhat an tlaih lioah a zawtnak ṭhing in a thi


The Chinland Post | 2022 September 9 – Chin ramkulh, Paletwa peng, Wading khuami U Aa Khai (kum 65) cu CDF-Paletwa cawlcanghnak pawl kha SAC sin ah thawng a pek caah voi 3 tiang ralrin an pek hnu July 13 ah CDF-Paletwa nih an tlaih tiah CDF-Paletwa nih a thanh.

CDF-Paletwa nih an tlaih lio July 16 zaan ah a zaam caah July 17 ah an tlaih ṭhan. July 19 zing sml 5:00am luan hrawngah a zawtnak ṭhing Asphyxia in a thi i a chungkhar pawl he kan i ceihhmai lio tiah CDF-Paletwa nih September 8 ah a thanh.

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