SAC Nih Tuah A Timh Mi Thimnak ah Hmatpungṭin A Tuah Mi Party 17 An Um Cang


The Chinland Post | 2023 March 9 — Union Election Commission cazin ning ah Pyidaungsu level Party 5, State level Party 12 an i tel cang tiah theih a si.

USDP, Hnin Si Party – Union Democratic Party tiah an min an thlen, (—) Shan Nationalities Democratic Party, National Unity Party, Public Contribute Students Party hna nih Pyidaungsu level in hmatphungṭin an tuah.

Phalon-Sawaw Democratic Party, People’s Force Party, Pa-O National Organization, Myanmar People’s Democratic Party, Federal Democratic Party,  Arakan Front Party, Kachin State People’s Party, Wun Thar Nu Democratic Party, Democratic Party, Democratic Forces Labour Party, New Democratic Party Kachin, New National Democracy Party hna nih State level in hmatpungṭin an tuah.

January 26 ah SAC nih a langhter mi ramkhel party hmatpungṭin tuahnak phung ning ah party zapi nih thla 2 chung ah sawk ṭhsn ding a si i a sawk lo mi party cu hrawh a si lai tiah a langhter.

Chin National League for Democracy Party Chairman Pu Ngaisak nih Pary hmatpungṭin tuahnak kong he pehtlai in biafiang kan khiak kho rih lo tiah Khonumthung Burmese he biaruah ah a rak chim.

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