May 21, 2024

Tamu Ah Chin Ngakchiapa Tlaumi A Ruak In An Hmuh Cang


The Chinland Post| 2018 February 24| Sagaing ramthen, Tamu khua i February 23 ah a tlaumi Chin ngakchiapa cu February 24 ah a ruak in an hmuh tiah kan theih.

Photo: Chin World

February 23 ahkhan Sagaing ramthen, Tamu khua ah Chin ngakchiapa te a tlau. Mah a tlaumi Chin ngakchiapa hringtu a nu le pa cu U Ram Kho Lun le Daw Ning Din an si. A tlaumi ngakchiapa hi kumkhat le thlathum lawng a si rih. Mah a tlaumi ngakchiapa te cu February 24, zanlei suimilam 3:30 ah a ruak in an hmuh. Kumkhat le thlathum ngakchiapa te hi tikhur chung ah a tla i a thi. Amahte in maw a tlak, zeitindah a tlakning le a thihning a si timi belte cu fiang in theih a si lo.
Ref: Chin World

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