Thaizing Hluttaw Meeting Ah Chinram He Aa Tlakmi Motor Le Lam Lei Phungphai An Fehter Lai


City Hunter| 2018 May 23| May 24 ah tuah dingmi Chin ramkulh hluttaw caanhmaan tonpumhnak ah Chinram he aa tlakmi motor le lam zulhphung a simi phungphai an fehter lai tiah kan theih.

Hi kong he pehtlai in Chin ramkulh hluttaw Speaker Pu Zo Bawi nih atu bantuk in The Chinland Post ah a chim.

“Thaizing tuah dingmi hluttaw caanhmaan tonpumhnak ah Chin ramkulh he aa tlakmi motor le lam zulhphung a simi phungphai kan fehter lai. Chinram hi motor le cycle i pah, cycle le cycle i pah, motor le cycle i pah tibantuk in a thimi kan tam ngai cang. Hihi a fekmi zulhphung kan ngeih lo ruang le zulhphung kan buar ruang ah a si. Atu cu Myanmar rampi nih a sermi phungphai zohchih in Chinram he aa tlakmi phungphai in ser le fehter kan timh.”

Thantlang ramkulh hluttaw in MP Pu Van Thawng nih, “Tutan hluttaw cu biatung chuahpi le halmi ngeih kaa tim lo. A biapi in 2018-19 ca kumkhat budget tuahnak le fehternak kan ngei lai” tiah The Chinland Post ah a chim.

2018 kum January in April thla tiang thlali chung ah motor le cycle khawndennak hi voi 43 a cang i hi chung ah minung 22 an thi, aa hliammi 48 an si. Hakha in aa hliammi le a thimi an tam bik. A thimi hna cu; Hakha in 16, Tedim in 9, Mindat in 8, Thantlang in 3, Matupi 3, Falam in 2, Paletwa in 2 an si. Tonzang le Kanpetlet peng cu a thimi an um lo tiah Hakha motor PK zung in kan theih.

2017 Chin ramkulh chungah motor le cycle accident hi voi 87 a cang i cu chungah tambik a thimi hi Tedim peng in a si i minung 15 an thi. A pahnihnak cu Hakha peng a si tiah Hakha motor PK zung cazin ning in kan theih.

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