July 25, 2024

Thanlyin Peng Ah Kum Tlinglo Hngakchia Telh In Mino Pawl An Tlaih Hna


Security forces stand guard as people dismantle their slum homes in the Thianlyin township of Yangon on October 28, 2021, after military authorities announced residents had to vacate the area. (Photo by AFP) (Photo by STR/AFP via Getty Images)

The Chinland Post | 2024 February 14 — Yangon ramṭhen, Thanlyin peng, Ngwe-than-win sang ah mino pawl pawṭa an suai hna i Thanlyin pura tlang pawng um ralkap sin ah an khawmh hna tiah tlaih a tong mi hngakchia nu le pa nih Khit Thit ah an chim.

February 12 ah ralkap, palek le uknak phu pawl nih Thanlyin peng, Ngwe-than-win sang ah innkhat hnu innkhat lut in mino pawl an tlaih hna, an tlaih mi hna chung ah kum tlinglo hngakchia zong an i tel tiah theih a si.

Ralkap nih an tlaih mi hna cu zarh 2 a rauh hnu ah kan kuat ṭhan hna lai tiah an chim nain pehtlaihnak an tuah ti hna lo tiah theih a si.

Cun Yangon ramṭhen chung sang kip ah sang 1 nih mino 20 cazin pek ding tiah SAC nih cazin an rak kholh tiah Khit Thit nih a langhter.

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