July 25, 2024

Yangon In Sittwe A Kal Mi Vanlawng In Khualtlawng Ding Pawl SAC Ralkap Nih Yangon Airport Ah An Tlaih Hna, An Thawng Theih A Si Lo


The Chinland Post | 2024 February 27 — Yangon in Sittwe lei a kal ding vanlawng in khualtlawng ding an zapi cu SAC ralkap nih an tlaih hna i an thawngpang theih a si lo tiah Khit Thit nih a chim.

February 26 zinglei sml 9:35am ah Yangon in Sittwe khua lei a kal ding MNA vanlawng ah aa cit ding khualtlawng pawl SAC ralkap nih Yangon vanlawng tual ah an tlaih hna hi a si tiah theih a si.

February 26 ah tlaih mi hna cu an thawngpang an theih hna lo caah an eidin, a himnak kong ah an chungkhar an lungrethei tiah Khit Thit nih cun a langhter.

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