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2014 Champion Germany An Tla; Round of 16 A Chuih Ding Phu 10 Le An Chuih Nicaan


Hunter | 2018 June 27| 2014 world cup champion Germany cu group stage chuih ah an tla ruangmang cang. South Korea nih 2-0 in an tei hna i South Korea he an pahnih te in an tla ti. Group F in Sweden le Mexico cu mark 6 veve in group stage in an awng cang.  Round of 16_ sunghtlak chuih ding in a kai cangmi phu 10 le a chuih dingmi le an chuih ni caan cu a tanglei bantuk in a si.

Group F result

Germany le South Korea
South Korea nih 2-0 in an tei hna. Minute 90 ah Korea in Young-Gwon Kim nih goal 1 le minute 90 hnu ah Heung-Min Son nih goal 1 a sut ve. Asinain mark 3 veve lawng an ngah caah an phu hnih ningte an tla. Group F in Sweden le Mexico an kai. Germany hi 2014 World Cup ah champion cotu an rak si. World Cup lamthluan ah champion voili a co cangmi an si nain tukum (2018) cu group stage ah zohchia in an tla. Puai hnih an sungh i puaikhat lawng an awng.

Sweden Le Mexico
Sweden nih 3-0 in Mexico an tei hna. Sweden lei in minute 50 ah L. Augustinsson nih goal 1, minute 62 ah A. Granqvist nih penalty in goal 1, Minute 74 ah Mexico lei in E. Alvarex nih anmah goal lila ah a sut. Mark 6 veve in Sweden le Mexico cu group stage in an kai cang.

Sunghtlak Round of 16 Chuih Ding Aa Fiang Cangmi phu hna cu;
June 30 zan suimilam 8:30 ah France le Argentina
July 1 delei suimilam 12:30 ah Uruguay le Portugal
July 1 zan suimilam 8:30 ah Spain le Russia
July 2 delei suimilam 12:30 ah Croatia le Denmark
July 2 zan suimilam 8:30 ah Group E in pakhkatnak le Mexico
July 3 zan suimilam 8:30 ah Sweden le Group E in pahnihnak an chuih lai.

Sungh/tlak round of 16 ah teinak a hmutu phu 8 kha quarter final an chuihte lai. Quarter final ah teinak hmutu phu 4 cu semi final an chuihte lai. Semi final ah teinak hmutu phu 2 kha champion an i cuh te lai.

Tuzan (June 28) deilei ah Group E in Switzerland le Costa Rica, Serbia le Brazil an chuih lai. Switzerland nih Costa Rica an tei hna i Serbia nih Brazil an tei ve hna asi ahcun Brazil an tla lai.

Group stage chuih in a tla cangmi phu 10 cu; Group A in Saudi Arabia le Egypt, Group B in Morocco le Iran, Group C in Peru le Australia, Group D in Nigeria le Iceland an si. Group Stage chuih ding puai a ngei rih ko nain a tla ding aa fiang cia cangmi phu 4 cu; Group E in Costa Rica, Group F in South Korea le Germany, Group G in Panama le Tunisia, Group H in Poland an si.

June 27 zan an chuihmi tiang ah goal tambik suttu England in Harry Kane a si (puai hnih lawng a chuih rih). A changtu cu Belgium in Romelu Lukaku le Portugal in C. Ronaldo an si. Russia in Denis Cheryshev nih goal 3, Spain in Diego Costa nih goal 3 a sut ve cang.

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