May 20, 2024

Aung La Nsang le China Fighter Fan Rong American ah an i thong lai


The Chinland Post | 2023 February 7 — Myanmar ram min a ṭhattertu MMA Fighter Aung La Nsang le China Fighter Fan Rong cu a ra lai mi May 5 ah American ram ah an i thong lai tiah theih a si.

Aung La Nsang cu atu Fan Rong he hin a luancia thla ah aa thong ding ding an rak si nain China Fighter Fan Rong sin in Covid zawtnak rungrul an hmuh caah Brazil Fighter Gilberto Galvao he an rak thonghter ṭhan hna.

Aung La Nsang he aa thong ding mi Fan Rong hi kum 30 a si i MMA puai 22 aa thong cang i 19 a awng, puai 3 lawng a sung mi a si.

Fan Rong nih Aung La Nsang a teitu Russia Fighter Vitaly Bigdash le Netherlands Fighter Reinier de Ridder zong a tei ve hna lo.

Aung La Nsang nih a hnubik aa thonghnak puai 2 a si mi Japan Fighter Yushin Okami le Brazil Fighter Gilberto Galvao cu First Round ah a tei hna.

Kum 38 a si cang mi Aung La Nsang hi MMA puai 42 aa thong cang i puai 29 teinak a hmu, puai 13 a sung i puai 1 hrawh a tong mi a si.

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