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Salai Mangpau | July 20, 2023 |

  1. CDM Zulhphung (Qualifications of Satyagraha)
  2. Biatak dirpi (Truth), a donghnak ahcun biatak cu teitu a si (Truth will triumph in the end).
  3. Mifir lungput ngei hlah (Not Stealing)
  4. Mahta si duhnak ngei hlah (Non- Possession)
  5. Na pumsa duhnak sal lawng si hlah (Body- labor).
  6. Na duhnak kha i sum (Control desires (gluttony)
  7. Tihnak ngei hlah (Fearlessness), Pathian lawng tih (must fear only God).
  8. Biaknak dang upat thiam (equal respect for all religions)
  9. Thilṭhalo in chawlet hlah (Economic strategy such as boycott of imported goods).
  10. CDM Nih Nunpi A Herh (Essential for every Satyagraha)
  11. Pathian na zumhnak kha thukpi hram sih a herh (Must have a living faith in God).

Teinak cu Bawipa Ta a si (Jonah 2:9).

  1. Thianhlim nun le thih ngamh or thilri sungh ngamhnak lungput ngeih a herh (Must chaste life, and be willing to die or lose all his possessions).
  2. Mah thilthuam te hruk duhnak thinlung ngeih (Must be a habitual khadi weaver and spinner).
  3. Din-ei hmang hlah (Must abstain from alcohol and other intoxicants).
  4. CDM Ziaza Dawh (Rules of CDM Campaign)

Mahatma Gandhi nih cun biatak dirpitu hna (CDM) nih a tanglei nunzia dawh hi an Teinak lungput a si a ti. Cu hna cu:-

  1. Na thinhun lo nak ding kilveng (Harbor no anger).
  2. Na ral thinhunnak kha tuarpiak (Suffer the anger of the opponent)
  3. Lehrul hlah; nun ap fawn lo (Never retaliate to assaults or punishment; but do not submit).
  4. Pumpek nun ngei (Voluntarily submit to arrest or confiscation of your own property).
  5. Mi dang kha chiatser hna hlah (Donot curse or swear).
  6. An dotu kha serhsat hlah (Do not insult the opponent).
  7. Thong na tlak tik ah tonginn phung zulh i zuam (as a prisoner, obey prison regulations).
  8. Thong na tlak tikah hawi hlei zohkhenhnak hal hlah (do not ask special favorable treatment)
  9. Thong na tlak tik ah nangmah upat duh ah thiltha lo ah i tel hlah (do not involve any injury to your self -respect)
  10. Lungtho tein uknak ṭhalo nawlbuartu (CDM) nawlchuahmi (orders) kha upat i zuam.

(Joyfully obey the orders of the leaders of the civil disobedience action).

Teinak Cu Bawipa Ta A Si (Jonah 2:9)

  1. A kan fialtu biatak kha thih tiang kan i tlaih a herh.
  2. Biatak ruang ah harnak na ton ahcun na pawng te ah biatak dirpitu le bawmtu an um kha philh hlah.
  3. Harnak an in pek tik ah tihnak um lo in ton ngam le dirpi ngam i zuam.
  4. Teinak kan hmuh hlan tiang intuar khawhnak, lungsaunak le toidornak lungput ngeih kan herh.
  5. Hrocer, tlirhkhon le tlaihkhih na ton ahcun a rannak in na Pastor/Hawikom te sin ah theihternak tuah colh.
  6. Thongthlak na ton sual ahcun biatak ruang ah a si kha philh hlah. Cu biatak nih cun tihnak chung in an luatter hrimhrim lai.
  7. Biatak ruangah harnak na ton sual ahcun biatak Thiang Thlarau nih an umpi peng ti kha philh hlah.

Myanmar ram CDM Nih Teinak Hmun Ko Seh!

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