Hramhram in uknak lak a si hnu ah SAC ralkap 500 leng KIA sin ah CDM an tuah


This photo taken on July 28, 2016 shows two Myanmar armed rebels from the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) securing the compound (behind) where Myanmar ethnic rebel leaders and representatives have gathered for a four-day summit in Mai Ja Yang, the KIA controlled town in northern Kachin state. Leaders of Myanmar rebel armies held talks in the war-hit border town on July 27, state media reported, as they prepared for a major peace conference with a government desperate to end insurgencies that have plagued the country. / AFP / STR (Photo credit should read STR/AFP via Getty Images)

The Chinland Post | 2022 November 15 – Ralkap nih hramhram in uknak a lak hnu in KIA sin ah CDM a tuah mi ralkap 500 leng an um tiah KIA nih a thanh.

Palek, ralkap le thiamsang pawl an i tel tiah KIA thawngthanhnak nih a langhter.

Ralkap nih hramhram in uknak a lak hnu in SAC kuttang ah rianṭuan a duh lo mi pelek, ralkap pawl hna cu CDM an tuah i tlangcung hmunhma ah an i dor. Cuka hmun in ram thumnak ah dornak nawl an ngah.

KIO/KIA nih 2021 November thla hramthok hrawng in Kachin mipi sin i fonhnak timi program Committe an dirh i SAC ralkap pawl an cohlan hna.

CDM a rak tuah mi pawl kha laksawng an pek hna bantuk in rian zong an kawlpiak hna tiah NDI ah a langhter. CDM ah aa tel mi pawl cu KIA sakhaan an phan i sakhaan a phan kho rih lo mi kha himnak hmun ah an chiah hna.

Hramhram in uknak lak caan thla 21 chung ah CDM a tuah mi palek le ralkap 10,000 leng an um cang tiah NUG MOD nih an chim.

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