Kanpetlet peng kahdohnak ah SAC ralkap 4 an thi


The Chinland Post | 2022 October 21 – Chin ramkulh, Kanpetlet peng, October 20 zinglei ah kahdohnak a chuak i SAC ralkap 4 an thi, tampi an i hliam tiah CDF-Kanpetlet nih a thanh.

Kanpetlet peng hmunhma pakhat ah aa thupmi CDF-Kanpetlet hriamtlai le SAC ralkap hna cu October 20 zinglei sml 8:00am in chun sml 12:00pm tiang sml 4 chung an i kap tiah theih a si.

Kahdohnak chungah a sung deuhmi SAC ralkap pawl nih Kanpetlet khuachung le khuate pawl ah pehzulh in hriamngan a kah tiah a thanh.

SAC ralkap pawl nih Kanpetlet le Cinduai khua hna ah vanlei in minung thazang le hriam thazang a chap caah kahdohnak pehzulh in a chuak kho mi a si i mipi hna nih SAC ralkap vanlei kahdohnak in i kham khawhnak hnga thuhnak khor pawl i cawh cia u tiah CDF-Kanpetlet nih forhfialnak a tuah.

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