KNU Brigade 3 hmunhma thlacheu chung ah kahdohnak voi 50 leng a chuak i S.B.C telh in SAC ralkap 47 an thi


The Chinland Post | 2023 January 20 – KNU Brigade 3 hmunhma i January thlacheu chung ah kahdohnak ah SAC ralkap lei in Second Battalion Commander telh in 47 an thi tiah KNU nih a thanh.

January 1-15 tiang KNU Brigade 3 kuttang B08, B09, KNDO B03, KNLA kuttang Federal Wings Drone phu le SAC ralkap karlak ah kahdohnak voi 55 a chuah leng ah Federal Wings Drone phu nih van in voi 14 an doh hna tiah a langhter.

Cu kahdohnak pawl chung ah SAC Second Battalion Commander telh in SAC ralkap 47 an thi i 19 hrawng an i hliam tiah a thanh.

KNU ralkap 2 zong an nunnak a liam ve i thlacheu chung ah SAC mawṭaw 21 an hrawh khawh tiah an ṭial.

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