June 21, 2024

Rohinya Minung 10 Thah An Simi Kongah Upadi Ning Tuanvo La Dingin Ramkomh Ruahnakpetu Zung Nih Pyithezi Zung A Fial Cang


Ten Rohingya Muslim men with their hands bound kneel in Inn Din village September 1, 2017. Picture taken September 1, 2017. To match Special Report MYANMAR-RAKHINE/EVENTS Handout via REUTERS TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

TCP-Online| 2018 February 12|  Rakhine ramkulh Maungtaw peng Indin khua ah Musalim (Rohinya) minung 10 thah an si hna. Hi a thattu hna cu ralkap in minung 7, palek 3 le khuami minung 6 an si i an dihlak minung 16 an si. Mah minung 16 hna cu upadi ning in biakhiah le tuanvo la dingin ramkomh ruahnak petu zung nih Pyithezi zung cu February 12 (tuni) khan a fial cang hna.

Hi kongah ramkomh ruahnak petu zung in Director U Zaw Htay nih “Rohinya minung 10 a thattu chung hin ralkap lei in minung 7 an i tel. Mah ralkap hna hi anmah le ralkap dan ning in tuanvo lak i ralkap lei he aa pehtlaimi biaceih zung ah chuahpi ding in kan ti. A tangmi palek 3 le khuami pa 6 hna cu biaceihpiak ding in Pyithezi zung kan chimh cang hna.”

Rakhine ramkulh chungah Rohinya minung 10 an thah mi kong hi vawleicung thawngzamhca min thang simi Reuters News nih a tial hnu in tubantukin biatakte tuanvo lak an timh zong a si. UN le US zong nih Kawlram chung ah rak lut in cithlatnak tuah ding zong an hal cang hna.

Ref: RFA

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