June 20, 2024

Sianghleirun Kainak Form June 24 Thawk In Sok Le Cohlan Khawh A Si Cang


The Chinland Post| 2019 June 19|2019 kum caah tanghra a awngmi paoh nih sianghleirun luhnak lamhmuhsaktu cauk le sianghleirun luhnak sok ding catlap cu mah he aa pehtlaimi zung le sianginn ah June 24 thawk in laak le sok khawh a si cang tiah Myanmar ram fimcawnnak zungpi sin in theih a si.

Sianghleirun luhnak soknak caah zohchunh awk ca pawl chuah i sianghleirun luhnak lamhmuhsaktu ning in tial le soknak form cu June 24 thawk in July 23 tiang zeitik ni paoh ah sok khawh a si cang. Soknak form ap khawh a si cang.

Sianghleirun luhnak form cu June 4 in cohlan a si. Sianghleirun hoih in dengteo sok dingmi le sianghleirun luhnak cachektu phu sin ah sok dingmi tiah phunhnih a um. Sianghleirun luhnak chektu le thimtu phu sin ah sok dingmi cu ramkulh le remthen sianginn 23 ah sok khawh a si lai. Soknak form cu caltap phunkhat lawng hman in sok a si lai tiah Myanmar ram fimcawnnak zung in tuanvo ngeitu pakhat nih a chim.

Source: The Standard Time Daily

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