July 25, 2024

Taungoo Um SAC Vanlei Ralkap Sakhaan Missile In An Kah, Jet Vanlawng 2 A Rawk


The Chinland Post | 2024 March 15 — Bago ramṭhen, Taungoo peng, Taungoo vanlei ralkap sakhaan cu 107 Shock Missile in an kah i Jet vanlawng 2 an khen caah a rawk, van lei ralkap ni-piah (coach) pakhat a lu ah aa hliam i vanlei ralkap bawi 1 le cazi 3 an i hliam tiah SAC vanlei ralkap thawng petu chim mi cherhchan in Khit Thit nih a ṭial.

March 14 zaan sml 8:44pm hrawng ah Bago ramṭhen, Taungoo vanlei ralkap sakhaan chung ah Brave Warrior for Myanmar (BWM) phu hruainak in Moutain Knights Civilian Defense Force (MKCDF) phu nih 107MM Shock Missile lung 5 in SAC ralkap vanlei sakhaan chung an kah i lung 3 cu ṭha tein a puak, lung 2 hi a puak lo tiah a langhter.

Shock Missile nih a khen mi Jet vanlawng 2 cu an remh cuahmah lio a si tiah Khit Thit sin in thawng kan theih.

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