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Tlangcung Hriamtlai Phu 2 Nih Kahngolnak Min An Thut Lai


Aung San Suu Kyi attended the closing ceremony of the Union Peace Conference on September 3,2016. Photo - Pyay Kyaw / The Irrawaddy

TCP-Online| 2018 January 27| Tlangcung hriamtlai phu simi New Mon State Party (NMSP) le Lahu Democratic Union (LHU) hna nih cozah he tuahmi ramkomh kahngol hnatlaknak (Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement-NCA) minthut ding in timhtuahnak an ngei tiah theih a si.

NMSP le LDU hi an phu hnih in tlangcung hriamtlai phu fonhnak simi United Nationalities Federal Council (UNFC) chungtel zong an si. An phu hnih in a ngan tuk lemlomi an si.

NMSP le LDU nih kahngolnak minthut ding in timhtuahnak an ngeinak kong he pehtlai in, NCA hi a tulio kum hnih chung ah tluangte in a kalmi rampi daihnak lamthluan a si caah, minthut ding in kan i timh hi a si tiah an chim.

Asinain, a dang chungtel a simi Karenni National Progressive Party (KNPP) le Arakan National Council (ANC) nih minthut ding in timhtuahnak an ngeih le ngeihlo kong thawngpang an langhtermi a um lo.

Rampi Kahngolh Hnatlaknak cahren cu tlangcung hriamtlai phu 8 le cozah nih October 2015 ah hnatlak minthutnak an rak ngeihmi a si.

Ref; Thura Swiss

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