WPC Heavy Weight Paih Ah Sang Hlei Thang Nih Champion A Co


Tawk Tling Thang| 2019 July 15| July 13, Indiana ah tuahmi avoi 4nak WPC (World Paih Championship) heavy weight paih ah Sang Hlei Thang nih champion a co tiah kan theih.

Tutan pound 160 cung a simi Heavy Weight zuamcawh paih ah minung 32 tiang cohlan a sinain 14 lawng an i pai kho. Minung 14 chung in Tikir khuami Ram Peng Thang (Dallas Taxes) le Hriphi khuami Sang Hlei Thang (Indiana) cu final an kai i Sang Hlei Thang nih a tei. Cu ruang ah Heavy Weight zuamcawh champion laksawng $8000 cu Sang Hlei Thang nih a co i pahnihnak laksawng $3000 cu Ram Peng Thang nih a co.

“Tutan paih cu Naga kan unau pawl an i paih khawh than lo ruang ah paih a uartu hna thazaang tampi a zor. Cu ruang ah tutan paih tuahnak caah $9000 kan sung. Asinain, tangka hmuh duh men ah si lo in Lai paih thanchoter duhnak lungput he tuahmi a si caah kan thazaang a chia lo, a phung ah kan ruah ko. Aralaimi November thla zong ah Lai paih thanchoternak ding ah avoi 5nk pehzulh in kan tuah rih lai. Hi tikah cun Naga lei kan unau zong nih a kan telpi khawh cang  lai” tiah WPC committee in tuanvo ngeitu upa pakhat nih The Chinland Post ah a chim.

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