May 29, 2024

Biadiklo In Mi A Hleng Dihtu Facebook Comment BFF Hi Zeidah A Si?


The Chinland Post| 2018 March 23| Tu lio facebook comment ah Laimi tampi telh in mi a hlengtu BFF hi zeidah a si? ‘BFF’ tiah comment pe law a hrin lo ahcun na facebook hack a tong tinak a si. Ahrin lo ahcun na facebook a him ti lo caah a rannak in na password thleng colh tiah Lai media telh in minung tampi nih lih an vahpi. Hi thawngpang hi thawngpang dik lo (fake news) a si.

Facebook him le him lo le BFF hi zeihmanh aa pehtlai lo. BFF a sullam cafang min sau cu ‘Best Friends Forever’ (Zungzal in Hawikom Tha) tinak a si.

BFF le faebook him le him lo, facebook bauhpiak (hack) ton le tonlo hi zeihmanh aa pehtlai lo. Cucaah, BFF tiah tialnak in facebook a him le him lo zeitihmanh in hngalh khawh a si lo. BFF nih facebook him le himlo a hngalh khawhmi thil zong a si fawn lo. Hihi hlennak pakhat a si. BFF tiah tial ding in a chuahpitu nih thil pakhat khat duhnak nganpi le hmuitinh nganpi he hlennak in a tialmi a si. Cutin na tial lai tiah hlennak ca a tialmi kha a dik maw diklo timi ruat chih ti lo in cu hlennak an i zumh cio dihnak cu a si.

Facebook ahhin cafang cheukhat comment tial/pek tikah muici (color) in a chuak theu. Tahchunhnak ah ‘Congratulations, Congrats, Best Wishes, You Got This’ tibantuk hi muici in a chuakmi an si. A dangdang biafang tampi a chuakmi an um len rih.

Cucaah, BFF tiah comment peknak in facebook password a him le him lo theihhngalh khawh a si lo, zeihmanh aa pehtlai lo. BFF tiah tial hi hlennak a si timi hngalh cio cang hna usih.


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