June 21, 2024

Miss CYONA 2019 Winner Cu Dallas In Bawi Tial Nih A Co


The Chinland Post| 2019 July 8| Indianapolis, Indiana ah July 4-6 tiang tuahmi CYONA (Chin Youth Organization of North America) convention pi ah Miss CYONA 2019 winner cu Texas-Dallas in Miss Bawi Tial nih a co tiah kan theih.

Hi miss zuamnak ah laksawng cotu hna cu a tanglei bantuk in an si.

  • Miss CYONA 2019 winner cu; Miss Bawi Tial (Texas-Dallas)
  • 1st runner up cu; Hniang Chin Par (Kentucky)
  • 2nd runner up cu; Jessica Bawi Nei Par (Seattle) an si.
  • Mister CYONA 2019 cu Khun Saw Mana (CYO Seattle, Washington) a si.
Miss CYONA 2019 winner
Miss CYONA 2019 winner
Hniang Chin Par (Kentucky)
Jessica Bawi Nei Par (Seattle)
Mister CYONA 2019

Photo: CYONA facebook page

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